Overdue Update!

I've missed out so much stuff!!!!

I missed out the dodgy "Whipping Rooms" experience (which was horrific, I wanted to leave, and there was a scary man kept walking around with NOTHING on but a blue rubber vest).  My temp job experience (which was Tuesday to Friday but on the Thursday I DREAMT that I had called in sick in the morning so didn't go in at all Thurs or Fri).  I missed out writing about "Cape Woman" last Friday night at Inferno (hilarious - woman in metal room, being deadly serious on the dance floor, in dodgy white boots, silver knickers, white wonderbra and flowing white cape), last Saturday in Slimes and after party.  And park trip.

Ah well.  Everything is stored to memory.

I caved in last night and my "friend" came round.  Had DMT.  Had one way arguments with him (he will NOT stick up for himself or answer back).  A bit too full of himself cos at one point, I can't remember the context, he said "I know for a fact that if I were to ask you to marry me that you would immediately".  Well, no I wouldn't.  I do love him though, unfortunately for me.  He said that I'm his best friend - yet he can treat me like this, and has no regard for my feelings.  I had to get Wendy to call in sick at work for me (only 3rd day of my new permanent job - NOT good).  I'm scared :(

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Have 9 minutes left in an internet cafe - accidentally broke my laptop last night :(

Great fun on Tuesday/Wednesday - had 25 whole hours with my favourite "friend" - YAY!!!!  He got fined £75 though because of me :(

Right - this may be my last post for a while.  SOB!!!!  Out tonight with either Sophie or Johanna (I have to pick) and maybe tomorrow too though I can't afford it.

BRIEF update

On Saturday afternoon I met my friend Chris - not CHRIS but Chris from Manchester.  We had a couple of coffees before his train back.

Went to Slimelight with Sophie.  Met her in the Dev first.  Saw my "friend" in there - I thought he fell out with me forever at the end of the night cos I was really bitching about one of his friends (in her earshot), but got a nice text off him this morning so he's not.  Also Sophie had a big go at him for his "treatment of me".  Told her off about that - she was worried I'd fall out with her about it, but I've not.  Oh - Johanna came out.  Got very wrecked.  Felt sick around 7am, which lasted all morning.  Went to Starbucks.  Avoided having an after party at my flat. (oh we've gone onto Sunday here by the way).  Sophie came back to my flat.  We did acid.  "Bill & Ted" (can't recall which one) was on TV at one point and I was very confused - I wasn't sure if I was American or English and if I was in the 80's or present day.  Contemplated going to Islington Academy for the Sunday part of this Gotham thing but decided we were far too fucked.  Sophie was too wrecked to go home so had to get up at 5am to see her to the station to make sure she was at work on time.  Went back to bed as soon as I got back again and felt sh1t all day.


I deleted my My Space account.  My "friend" came over last night (and stayed the entire night - YAY!), and as I was coming round from passing out from the GHB he had given to me he mentioned that one of Lily's (his girlfriend) friends had called her to say there was lots of stuff on MS that I had written about me and "my friend".  BITCH!!!!  I hope to God there is nothing saved from there, that "my friend" will get to see this weekend or it is all over forever and ever for sure.  He is already extremley paranoid because I know people who have been talking to Lily.  It's doomed.  It's DOOMED!!!!  I'm gonna lose him :(   WAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is out tomorrow night, with HER.  I wish he wasn't.  It would make my life much easier.  I am going to have to go through here and make as much as possible "Friends Only" now, and make further writings on the subject "FO" too.  This is way too traumatic! :(

REBEL L !!!!!!!!

I've found it AT LAST!!!!  I've been searching YEARS for this, cos no-one believed me it existed!!!  I used to fall off the settee literally peeing myself laughing at this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (doesn't seem THAT funny now, but it still amuses me!!!!